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Buyer Registration Form

Buyer Registration Form (Non-Binding Offer to Buy)

The information on this Buyer Registration Form is provided to Husker Ag, LLC ("Husker Ag"), for the purpose of listing an offer to buy Husker Ag membership units ("Units") on the Husker Ag Trading System ("Trading System") bulletin board.

*The buyer name(s) should be identical to the name or names to be listed on the Husker Ag membership certificate if buyer is successful in purchasing Units. If more than one owner is to be shown on the membership certificate, all owners to be shown must sign below. 

Buyer Address:
Buyer Address:
Class of Units

The undersigned Buyer (whether one or more) acknowledges receipt of the Husker Ag Trading System Rules and Procedures and agrees that the listing of Buyer's offer to buy Units will be subject in all respects to such Rules and Procedures, and Buyer agrees to follow in all respects the Trading System Rules and Procedures. Buyer acknowledges that the information provided on this Buyer Registration Form will be listed on the Husker Ag Trading System bulletin board and be publicly available information. The undersigned Buyer also understand and acknowledges that any purchase of Units is subject to the approval of the Husker Ag Board of Directors and the terms and conditions of the Husker Ag Operating Agreement.

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